BNHS Preschool Program

BNHS Preschool Program

Mariana Cardoso, Reporter

      If you have never taken Intro. to Childcare you should definitely take Childcare and Development, a hands-on classroom where students interact with actual children. The high school students taking the class come up with lesson plans weekly depending on the theme of the week and skill. Students get to be in complete control with supervision from Mrs. Absolon. The preschool is three days a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Mondays and Wednesdays the high school students take time to work on lessons and turn in assignments. Price per kid is $30 for the whole semester, which is very affordable for parents.

      Childcare and Development takes the first weeks of school to learn how to write functional lessons using objectives. Objectives are what the children are expected to learn from the lesson. Students usually have the hardest time writing those objectives down.

      “I like doing the lessons with the kids but coming up with them was difficult. We need to make sure to have proper objectives to benefit the kids. The class also helps build my resume to work with children, which could come in handy someday,” said Christina Petges (20).

      Preschool is only half a semester so the class is split between 2nd and 3rd hour from 9:15am to 10:45am, this is for the first half of the semester. Second hour taught “whole group,” this is where each pair of high school partners teach the whole class their lesson and then the next pair would go with their lesson. Third hour taught “stations,” where each pair would set up, either it could be fine motor, science, sensory, dramatic play or snack. All stations are set up at the same time. The children then freely rotate between stations during the class period. Children however must choose stations to visit with no more than four children at a station at a time. They switch once second quarter starts.

      Preschool ends once the semester is over and the kids will perform in the library. They will sing songs they have learned throughout the semester from the high school students. This years class was fairly small with only 10 preschoolers. Each preschool student has at least two high school buddies that helped them get coats on and off and make sure to get them to their parents at the end of the day.

      “Preschool was fun and I miss it. At first it was scary knowing you were going to be talking to little kids and having to teach them but it wasn’t that bad. I plan to take the class again next year, ” said Priscila Chavez (19).