Iran-Iraq earthquake leaves thousands devestated

Iran-Iraq earthquake leaves thousands devestated

Lily Bakulski, Reporter

The city of Kurdish was settling down for the night when the ground started to roar. Before they knew it, they were lying on the ground under their destroyed belongings. The deadliest earthquake of the year hit 7.3 on the Richter Scale, leaving nothing, but a path of destruction.

November 12, 2017 was a very tragic day for hundreds of thousands of people. Across the world, the Iran-Iraq border suffered a terrible earthquake that left hundreds dead and thousands homeless and injured. Because of its tectonic plates, this area is a very susceptible place for earthquakes to occur. Not many people knew this otherwise citizens could have prepared for something like this to occur.

After the earthquake, a sudden fall in temperature left thousands freezing in the cold. Temperatures fell to 32 degrees fahrenheit which put lives in danger as well. This caused the homeless to become sick and susceptible to hypothermia. More than 12,000 tents were distributed to the homeless during this cold week to help keep warm. The United Nations have also become involved by sending trauma kits and medical supplies to hospitals near the site. These kits can help up to 4,000 trauma patients.

The destruction is not over yet. Iraq is under emergency which means that they will be assessing the damage. More tremors could occur again, which would lead to more destruction. More than 70,000 shelters are needed to protect the victims of this terrible tragedy. The earthquake killed more than 500 people and it left more than 10,000 in pain, suffering from injury.

Citizens have been told to sleep outside their homes and to stay away from buildings and elevators in case of aftershocks. It is said that rescue teams have been having trouble getting to the quake zone because there have been landslides, but rescue operations were completed on Tuesday. Iranian Olympic athletes are also selling their medals to help raise money for victims of this earthquake.

Mourning will continue and only time will heal the victims. More and more countries are starting to offer to help this devastated country through this horrible time. Rescue teams will continue to do what they can for the citizens and prayers from around the world are sent to the small cities and towns that were affected by this quake.