5 places to visit


Yesenia Vizguerra, Reporter

        The world has many sites for people to see. But as time passes by and the weather gets worse, most of the beautiful and important, ancient cities known to man will so be gone.

        Many of these places have been experiencing severe erosion, floods and a rise in sea levels. This has been rapidly increasing due to the rapid growth of climate change in various parts of the world.

        Venice, Italy is voted to be one of the most romantic cities in the world with its charming canals. Experts have said that the city of canals is slowly sinking and that without intervention it can begin to sink faster. With the rise of floods each year, Venice is said to be left underwater and uninhabitable by the end of the century.

        Glacier National Park, Montana was home to over 125 glaciers but the ice caps are melting and has recently seen the glacier population decrease to 25. Many say that the glaciers will soon be gone in the next two decades. This would not only disrupt the park’s popularity amongst tourists but also the ecosystem around the park and the organisms that live within it.

         The Great Barrier reef is located in Australia and has been a famous attraction Down Under. Hidden behind the waves, it’s prone to erode, which has recently been seen in the past years. It measures to be about 344,400 square kilometers. The reef has seen rising ocean temperatures to mass pollution, which could also contribute to the destroyment planned to happen within the next 100 years. It’s known to be a great place to go scuba-diving in and explore eco-tourism!

         Machu Picchu, Peru has drawn adventurous tourists that marveled with the outstanding pieces of archaeology that the Incan ruins have to offer, even after all passing centuries. Natural erosion around the area has been accelerated from masses of tourism. The popular landmark is faced with severe impacts from the increased foot traffic. Although the Peruvian government has proposed a cable car that would impact the intense hikes up to the ruins, it would make the site accessible to just about anyone. Concerns over this proposal have caused the government to suspend the effort. The future for Machu Picchu still remains unknown. It’s suggested to hike this landmark before it becomes ruined in the following years.

        The Magdalen Islands in Quebec, Canada is a site to be seen. Located near the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the sandy beach and sandstone cliffs are a lovely getaway spot. The archipelago is regularly and roughly pelted by heavy winds, despite the wall of sea ice blocking most of the worst. The coast erodes up to about one meter a year. The protective, however, is rapidly melting. Experts have said that if the ice melts within the next 75 years, the island’s shores can be left vulnerable to the destructive storms.

        These places are short on time and are great to visit and to tell future generations about later on.

       “I want to be able to visit these places before they disappear,” said Yasmin Vizguerra (‘20).