Illinois Governor Elections


Burke Cochran, Editorials Editor

Illinois has a reputation of having corrupt politicians. Fivethirtyeight ranks Illinois as the 3rd most corrupt state – and it’s easy to see why. Four of the last seven Governors in Illinois ended up in Prison.


With a track record like this, it’s hard to conceive why anyone would want to run for office in this state. Regardless, this upcoming election for governor is one of the most contentious.


Bruce Rauner, the incumbent republican governor, has stated his intent to run for re-election. Southern Illinois University found in a poll that just under a third of registered voters approve of the job he is doing. His chance of reelection is growing slimmer.


On the other side of the aisle, the election is going down a more contentious path, with three main candidates, and with a few others.


First, is J.B. Pritzker, a billionaire. With a B. and not just one billion. 3.4 billion. He is a private business owner based in Chicago that specializes in venture capital. Yeah, that’s a real thing. His monetary allowances give him a huge advantage in this race. He received his undergraduate degree from Duke and his Law degree from northwestern.


Second, is Chris Kennedy. Does that last name sound familiar? It should. He’s related to that Kennedy. The one that got shot in the head. He got his degrees from Boston College and Northwestern University. His name recognition gives him a huge advantage in this race.


Lastly, is Daniel Biss, an Illinois state senator. He is commonly called an underdog in the election, but many analysts still put him as having a fighting chance. He got his undergraduate degree from Harvard, and his graduates degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both in mathematics. Before running for political office in Illinois, he was an assistant professor in Mathematics at the University of Chicago.


Whoever gets elected – let’s just hope they don’t end up in Prison this time.