Indie Films

Indie Films

Emily Wendlandt, Reporter

     They say Cinema is at its dying age. Films seem to have no originality to them anymore, remakes and reboots seem to be all Hollywood has to offer these days. Movies that make it to press seem to almost always be the ones with the stories we’ve seen before; been there done that.  The truth is, cinema and the meaning of original content is still very much alive, just underground. Constantly being drowned out by mainstream movies, independent films hold the new originals we’ve all been begging to see from Hollywood and getting to witness them yourself can open your eyes to what cinema truly stands for.

     Independent Films are always fresh, new content; each one is never like the last, which is how cinema should be. Some of the greatest Indie films don’t even get to see the light of day even though they’re from some of the most prestigious production companies. A24, a production company that began in 2012, holds award winning movies like Moonlight and Ex Machina. But most of their films are extremely underground and only play in very select theaters. Two of their newest films, The Florida Project and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, for example, were only playing for a weekend at a theater an hour and a half away from Belvidere. Independent films aren’t always going to get the press or the exposure they deserve, which makes it the film-goers job to find them and where they’re playing.

     The only way production companies can make a profit off of their film is through the box office and how many tickets are sold in regards to their movie. Most independent films are low budget, because they are aware of the little exposure. Some companies however put millions into a film, in trust that they’re audience will give it the press it deserves, but that’s not always the case. Take the newest Stanley Kubrick film, BladeRunner 2049, a sequel to 70s classic. This film spent over 155+ million on production costs and only made in return 68 million. This film was said to be an innovative cinematic masterpiece by critics, yet no one cared enough to see the film for themselves.  

       Independent films bring back the true meaning behind film;creating exciting, new, entrancing stories for audiences. The mainstream world of film it at its dying age, but not the true at of film itself. Go out and see the movies that count. Go and support independent films!