Theater Fest


Hannah Cunningham

      The Illinois High School Theater Festival was a chance for kids to regionally spark their creation in the show business world. To help enrich the education of many students nationwide Theatre Fest was created to spark people’s desire to create, performing in an environment around creative, imaginative, young stimuli. Theater Fest also provides experience in which each student can recognize and share common ambitions, goals, and interest with other students from diverse communities and programs and provide the opportunity for students to showcase their creative efforts.

     On the other hand, Theater Fest was not just created for the students to view other talents and show their own. Theater Fest was also created for the teachers, directors, and theater sponsors. These advisors learn many different techniques, approaches, and ideas.

       Theater Fest takes place on January 5-7 at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At the fest these students participate in workshops and activities, putting on performances to show other students and family members.

      “This year I am very excited that both North and Belvidere are going down to Theater Fest. Each school brings shows as they collaborate together and go against their rivals. Theater Fest takes place for three days with over 4000 students, and this is the fourth year we are going down there,” said Mrs. Taylor.

     Many other students are very excited to share their skills with the other students while having a friendly competition.

     “I am looking forward to having a fun trip with my friends and group, also I am looking forward to watching other schools and continue to grow my acting skills,” said Eileen Bunt(‘18).