Africans Being Sold In Libya


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      A country found in Africa called Libya, has been selling off Africans as slaves. Pictures and stories covering this issue have been all over the news because of the fact that third world countries are still allowing these types of things to go on. Some of the things people who are sold might be forced to endure include prostitution, sex slavery and other horrific atrocities.

     Without any hope or faith, many of the people sold into sex slavery simply give up. They don’t fight being sold to a endless cycle of pain because they know they have nothing. This mindset takes over most people that end up here, which is why it’s so rare for them to escape it. Many times, the victims are threatened with violence or other bad things which also keeps anybody from trying to save themselves. The Libyan government has come out and said they are investigating these inhumane acts, but they have yet to punish those responsible for the suffering of each victim.

    “It’s 2017 and it’s disgusting to see that some countries still allow slavery of any type. Just because they are a third world country doesn’t mean they should be getting away with these types of things,” said Priscila Chavez(19’).

     People that pass through Libya in hopes of finding work are taken and sold to strangers. These African migrants are being sold like property and their well being is being completely disregarded. Many of the Africans are killed or die on their way to where they were sold from things like heat exhaustion or a lack of food/water. Those sold to the slave trade live in horrible conditions and aren’t treated like humans at all. Buyers of the Africans have reportedly killed them off after a short amount of time.

      “It’s shocking that the lives of people are still being tossed aside just because a person may gain money from the suffering of another. I really hope the Africans will be saved because it’s just not right,” said Kayla Polo(18’).

     The victims are still suffering and without any help, will continue to suffer. The media coverage and exposure may lead to an aiding from other countries to help end the various types of slavery taking place in Libya. No sources have come out and clarified if those responsible for the suffering will be subject to punishment.