‘Person of the year’ or nah?


Natalie Abramat, News editor

Trump has always been the controversial person, from the start of his billionaire business, to the allegations and now to the white house, but this time it isn’t about politics or the game play, it is about Trump himself. Trump went to twitter telling everyone that Time magazine had called him to ask for a shoot and interview, however Trump declines saying he wasn’t interested in doing a major photo shoot. There was huge backlash after his comment spread through twitter like wildfire.

     Former Time manager shot back with a tweet saying that “probably” meant no, and that they only wanted a photo shoot. He then went on to say that he had plenty of fake Time covers somewhere is storage. While the two of these may be acting like children, the whole situation seems quite ironic. Many people hate Trump for reasons they often can’t support, referring to the sexual allegations of his past, or the fact he’s had multiple wives. Last year, when Trump was selected for presidency, Time chose him for 2016’s ‘Person of the year’.

     It seems that Trump wasn’t interested in being Time’s person of the year for three logical reasons. The first being that he is a busy man trying to run a country and simply doesn’t have the time to be constantly harassed and pushed around by the media. The second reason was that he indicated that probably most likely meant no, so he decided it wasn’t worth the time to try and pursue it if he ended up not getting it. The third reason being that he was already last year’s ‘Person of the year’ it would make no sense to have him do it again, so he declined leaving someone else the opportunity to be ‘Person of the year’.

      Everyone on Media has been confused on the whole ordeal, but many will still complain about everything Trump says or does. While it is good to have an opinion, the Media often depicts Trump as a villainous person, and though of course Trump hasn’t always been the best at everything and has slipped up on pretty much simple things, he’s doing his best to try and run a country that has become destructive. In the mean while, Trump will continue to try and quiet the Media with all their attention grabbing schemes and focus on what is important, and that is running a great country rather than taking pictures.