Belvidere North drug search


Kaylee Bowman , Reporter

Last Tuesday at Belvidere North entailed many unexpected and some unnecessary events. The school day started out as any other, but then an unforeseen soft lockdown occurred. Students and teachers were kept in classrooms unable to leave. They were not given any information on what this was for nor why everyone had to participate in this. Everyone soon figured out it was a drug search. This has happened for years and is expected every so often to occur. Everyone in the be should have been told anyways. This drug search included policemen and dogs being taken to different classes and into locker bays to smell out the scents of different drugs, specifically marijuana.

The most significant pro of drug searches is its effectiveness. Whether the student body is warned prior or not. If they are warned they’re less likely to bring illegal substances making the school a bit safer of an environment. If students are not told of the events to come, they are more likely to be caught with drugs, weapons, stolen property, etc. Yes, so the effectiveness if a plus, but it does cause a lot of problems.

The staff at North decided not the tell the student body and once the young adults were caught they were sent home for a ten day suspension. Sometimes with a ticket also.For students that don’t play sports it doesn’t make sense to have an out of school suspension. They go home sleep in and most do whatever they want. It’s essentially heaven to the average high school student. They should receive an in school suspension where they do their work and stare at a wall until they’re bored out of their mind. The actions of the school caused controversy among many students and concerned parents. It created a rift between them and the administrators.

Many say the search was a invasion of property, which is was, but it was necessary for the safety of students when only the lockers and classrooms were rummaged through. The cars are another story though. It seemed as if the students were picked by random or by circulating rumors. They were escorted out of their classroom and forced to open their car by police and the school. This was a huge invasion of privacy. As long as students aren’t using drugs and alcohol on school property it should be out of the administrators hands and responsibility should be placed upon the parents. Yes, it is a school policy to not have anything illegal that could be tied back to them on the property including cars, but if it is not being used or sold it again should not be the school’s responsibility. Some students were caught with tobacco products and even if they were 18 years old, they were suspended for the same amount of days. It may not have even been theirs. Many teenagers share rides or cars with other students, parents, siblings, so the school could have wrongly accused a student.

This really was an unnecessary waste of time. Well, the part where they kept students in one specific classroom; not for the benefit of their learning, but for the fact they do not know how to run an efficient drug search. The students could have transferred from class to class as a drug search was conducted during class time. If the staff really needed to check the teen’s bags they could have simply called them down to the office. They have a right to do so unlike the car situation.

Overall, the school handled the situation in an odd fashion and should have addressed it differently. Maybe they’ll learn better the next time, but it’s highly unlikely unless they listen to feedback from others. The student body will just have to wait and see on that one. The school should just try not to take time away from the student’s education and maybe just not accuse the kids right away if they have it in their car or another situation arises that is questionable. Hopefully, everything works out for both parties and students learn not to bring drugs to school. Til next time, Good luck, Belvidere North.