The last month of school

Yesenia Vizguerra, Reporter

        According to, the last month of school is voted to be the hardest. With teachers handing out finals and the students just anxious for winter break, all this piles up to why the last month of school is the hardest

        For kids, it’s the greatest month to plan out what they’re going to do over winter break. It’s also where the little ones get to do fun activities with little to no homework whatsoever involved.

        However, for people in high school, the last month is hectic, boring, and dragged on more than the actual school days that they typically have. It’s always known to be stressful when students have final after final after final, all on the same day or in the same week.

        The month of December alone is cold and dreadful to some. But it’s with the anxious counting to winter break, that makes the last few days even harder to trudge in.

        The last month is anticipated and hoped to have multiple snow days, but that rarely ever happens. Which could be hopeful for no more extra days of school after the actual anticipated last day of school.

        To get through this terribly stressful week, students can either take tiny power naps in between study breaks. While that may not be the most suitable method for studying for finals, it definitely can help for those night owls who study until four in the morning. All that may be hard to do, is wake up from the nap itself.

        Other methods to help get through the week can be to take deep breaths if it all gets too much, reward yourself with a treat or a session of your favorite movie or show, and what could help is to make a study group with friends or peers in your classes which could help the anxiety that happens because one might think that they’re going at it alone.

        Even though the last month of school before winter break might just be the hardest to get through, it can all pay off when one can take a break from school and the stress it can bring for about two weeks.

        “Yeah I definitely think that the last month of school is difficult because you have to make sure everything is in order to be able to end the semester with good grades and studying for finals is also difficult because it gets overwhelming when you have so many,” said Mariana Cardoso (‘19).