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Justice League hit theaters on Nov 17

Justice League hit theaters on Nov 17

Cassiana Pozzi, Editor-in-chief

     One of the biggest films to come from the DC Comics cinematic universe had just hit theaters on Nov 17. Justice League brought together DC’s biggest heroes including Batman, played by Ben Affleck, Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, The Flash, played by Ezra Miller, Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, and Superman, played by Henry Cavill. This film introduced quite a few new characters that will be vital for the future of the series. Mera, a protector of Atlantis alongside Aquaman, and played by Amber Heard, made her first appearance for a mere 2 minutes. Along with her, J.K Simmons stepped up to the role of Commissioner Gordon, a popular character from the Batman series. Also, in one of the end credit scenes, audiences got a first look at the new deathstroke, played by Joe Manganiello. The film has reached over $481 million worldwide in the box office, but really came short in the US box office, only making $94 million on the opening weekend after fighting tough blows from movie critics.

      The film’s plot follows the events that transpired from Batman v. Superman. This means the world in which this movie takes place has been stricken with violence because of the death of Superman. With the world’s hero gone, the others seem to fight in the shadows, and do their own jobs. When it comes to the attention of Bruce Wayne, The Batman, that there is a great, evil force approaching Earth, he tries to round up this group, with some members being more willing than others. Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, and Barry Allen, The Flash, are at his side immediately while Arthur Curry, Aquaman, and Victor Stone, Cyborg, are reluctant, following the common theme in superhero movies of heroes not getting along with others that well. And not to spoil a major part of the film, if you didn’t know already, but one of their first missions is to revive the Kryptonian hero. While Clark Kent, Superman, struggles to find himself, the group heads out to fight on the battlefield against a being by the name of Steppenwolf, who of course plans on conquering the Earth. But as soon as Superman joins the fight, Steppenwolf is dangerously outnumbered as Cyborg continues to use his powers to try and banish the evil being.

     This was one of the most anticipated films of 2017 but as of right now, Justice League has been looked at as a failure on DC’s part, mostly compared to their summer hit, Wonder Woman. So what exactly caused critics to attack this film like they had done for Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. One thing noticed by moviegoers was how short it was. The duration was almost two hours but we were thrown into the plot so quickly that fans didn’t realize that, during the final battle scene, the movie was almost over. And on top of that, the movie followed the plot line of every cliche superhero ever made. Anyone could probably predict the ending. But other than that, the action scenes were well choreographed, and DC has always been very good in terms of that quality. But unlike previous movies in this universe, there were far more comedic dialogue additions to lighten the movie’s feel, it’s almost like they took a chapter out of Marvel’s book. DC took a huge risk with this film, mostly with having the villain being someone uncommonly heard of by fans. Plus, this film hit theaters two weeks following Thor: Ragnarok and coming out the week before the highly anticipated Disney film, Coco. Just recently it had been reported that, not only did Thor: Ragnarok destroy Justice League in the box office, but Coco just passed it in sales as well.

     Not paying attention to the numbers and the reviews, many fans enjoyed the film. There was excitement, action and things never seen before in the DC cinematic universe. More DC films will be hitting the theater next year before that group of superheroes join forces again in 2019 for Justice League 2.