Boy’s Basketball


Hunter Dixon, Reporter

    The boys varsity basketball team is led by two seniors, Callahan Diercks and Sebastian Gutierrez and a returning sophomore, Holden Paddock. They also have a transfer from Lutheran, Zach Reidenbach (‘20) and a strong inside presence with John Carlson (‘20).

   The boys have played in four games leading up to their first conference game. They won their first game against Prairie Ridge and were in the other games until the fourth quarter. This is much improved from last season where they were blown out in most of them.

   On Oct. 29,  the basketball team headed to Harlem. The team had a strong lead, but ended up losing to the Huskies. The score was 54-62.

    “I think we have a chance to win some games throughout the season, we are making the best of it,” Sebastian Gutierrez (‘18).

   The next game is set for December 1, against Guilford. Guilford has won two games and lost three. The chances are high of a Blue Thunder win.