Making high school count


Lily Bakulski, Reporter

High School can either be the best four years of a student’s life or the worst. After high school comes college and after college comes life. But if high school doesn’t do anything to help, how will students be properly prepared? Students at Belvidere North High School have been posing this question for awhile now and no answer has been given yet.

At Belvidere North, we, the students, believe that classes should be structured more towards the careers we hope to obtain in the future. Some classes, like anatomy and physiology, are totally worth taking if you want to be a doctor. Child care is another good class if you want to work with kids, in any way, in the future. Those classes that were just named are known as electives, the fun classes or the classes you choose to take. Core classes are the struggle for most kids here at North.

If you want to be a journalist when you grow up, you have to take journalism and newspaper because in English class here at North, we do not write, we just read. Students are given stories to read and then after you read enough of them, you take a test on it. In English 10,  there is a speech unit where you learn how to properly write a speech and present it to the class. This would help if you want to speak in front of huge crowds when you grow up, but who wants to read boring books like Dracula or Frankenstein?  Definitely not us.

As an accelerated sophomore, you are usually taking Pre-Calculus or Algebra 2 for your math class. It really just depends on how fast you learn material and what you are really good at. Right now in Algebra 2, students are learning about projectile motion which is finding different points on a parabola, depending on what the question is asking for. What career are we ever going to need that for especially since computers nowadays can already do it for us?

“I don’t really think that learning equations and knowing how to use certain numbers will ever help me in the future, so why should I have to take that class?” states Elliot Powers (‘20).

In my opinion, we should be learning how to write tips after we eat out or learning how to find the percentage of something without our calculator. On my MAPS test, if a percentage question is asked, I have to guess on it because I still haven’t been taught how to convert decimals into percents. Since technology is advancing every day, we will soon not need to know how to do all of this because computers will do it for us, but we should be learning until that day comes.

At Huntley High School, school is now a junior college. Depending on how accelerated you are, you have days off during the week to work on homework instead of going to class every day. For example, you have Chemistry and Algebra 2 on Monday’s and your next day to attend those classes would be Wednesday. Sounds pretty cool right?  Student,  have the privilege of doing this. Students who do not to their work will have to attend class every day because they don’t deserve to have days off.

“If high school was like college, it’d be so much less stress being put on me every day of the week. I could wake up later and do my homework when I want. I don’t like being trapped in a school all day and if I didn’t finish my homework on time, it would be my fault, nobody else’s,” says Josie Johnson (‘19).