Jersey Shore is coming back in 2018


Mariana Cardoso, Reporter

When MTV introduced it’s new show, Floribama Shore with familiar format as Jersey Shore, nostalgia filled the air. The shows both focus on a group of friends partying and sharing a house together. Downside is this cast unfortunately doesn’t have anyone named Snooki. Great news is, the network announced that Jersey Shore, with the OG cast will be back in 2018. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and the rest of the cast from exception of Sammi Giancola will be in the new highly anticipated series.

Jersey Shore stopped airing in 2012, since the cast has grown up, many are married and have a family of their own. The new series will have a “family vacation” Theme. To be completely honest, no one is sure if the “family” refers to original cast or if the spouses and kids of the members will also appear on the series. For now, fans are fist pumping knowing their favorite show is returning, whatever form it takes on.

     “I’m excited and I can’t wait because it was such an iconic show and I can’t wait to see what the producers of the show have instore for the watchers. I was too young to watch it then but now I’m free to watch it and now they’re all grown up, married with kids,” said Priscila Chavez (19).

The cast is just as eager to comeback as we are. At the beginning of the month, Sorrentino tweeted out at MTV to bring the show back. The same day, Polizzi let fans know that she can still finnel wine with the best of ‘em. One cast member clearly missing from the lineup and that is Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola. Polizzi believes it’s to end the drama with ex, Ronnie. Sammi is in such a happy place that she wouldn’t want to jump back into the drama.

     “I was excited to know the show was coming back but then the news broke that Sammi wasn’t coming back. Thats a bummer because it’s now a full reunion. There’s always that one cast member that messes up for everyone,” said Noemi Ruiz (19).

The network hasn’t announce the official premiere date, but in the meantime the brand new fan accounts devoted to the show will bring updates.