Window painting on State Street


Hayley Redner, Reporter

To get in the holiday spirit a few clubs and sports teams from Belvidere North got together to do window painting in downtown Belvidere last Friday the first of December. The students picked a few of the small businesses to paint holiday designs on for Stroll on State. Hundreds of locals walk down state street to get in the holiday spirit and can view the paintings.

     The clubs and sports teams that attended were cheer, art club, national honor society, and student council. Alex Jacobs(‘18), a varsity cheerleader, says, “I love Christmas and this was a super fun way to get in the spirit. I had so much fun painting the windows and some of the designs looked so good, but either way it was a great time and I’m happy we got the chance to do it.” Everyone had a good time and the school plans to do this again next year.

     Olivia Sawyer(‘18), another varsity cheerleader, also agrees with Alex and says, “Painting the windows was a blast and there were plenty buildings for everyone to partner up and get a window to paint. Everyone did a great job and I’m sure the people that attended Stroll on State enjoyed seeing the windows, it really adds to the Christmas spirit.”

     Everyone enjoyed their time painting windows off State Street and getting in the holiday spirit, next year will be just as fun for students to get away for awhile to do something a little different during the winter season.