Matt Lauer fired


Natalie Abramat, News Editor


     Recently, there has been an increase in talk and discussion regarding sexual assault and allegations due to the number of various people coming out about their stories of abuse. One of these has caused quite the controversy with news. The latest in the Matt Lauer case has caused the ‘Today show’ rates to soar above ‘Good Morning America’s’. Despite this, there is a number of uncertainty still remaining in the case. Matt Lauer, a long time host on the ‘Today’ show, was terminated from his place of employment after there was a complaint from a fellow employee describing her story of abuse.

     NBC News hadn’t reacted at first to the news since the allegation occurred in 2014 during the sochi olympics. However, NBC News confirmed that the allegation added to the strange behavior that followed after the games. Since then, Lauer was fired and his colleagues were tasked with breaking the news to viewers. Co anchor, Savannah Guthrie, said in a quote about how heartbroken she was for the colleague who came out about her abuse.

     “I think it was a good idea to fire him with all the things that are going on. It’s important to have an example that stuff like this won’t be tolerated anymore,” said Reese Foytik (‘20).

     NBC has claimed that they believed this occurrence wasn’t an isolated incident.There has been a huge outburst of allegations and stories of women coming out about their abuse to the public, and even though it is horrible, it is good to see women stand up for themselves. Donald Trump jumped on this incident as well by posting his usual controversial tweets on twitter. Lauer, who had a twenty million a year contract with NBC was slated to stay on the show until next year. The amount of allegations has rocked NBC News, and has even included allegations in Disney, NPR and even Fox News.

     Matt Lauer, who even had issues in the past with his wife, filed for divorce and was accused of having “cruel and inhumane” behavior. This goes into the question of if Lauer has mental issues and if they contributed to the abuse he placed upon his victim or victims. The amount of sexual violence in America has risen over the years. One in six women will have experienced being assaulted or raped in their lifetime, and women who are in college are three times more likely to be assaulted than any woman in general. It has become common knowledge to have a course in Sexual assault and how to prevent it in the workplace when a person receives a job. It becomes a part of their training to make sure they can prevent or help someone if it were to occur.

     All in all, Lauer’s actions will have dire consequences and hopefully with the exposure of sexual allegations and women speaking out about their stories more, that people can create a safe space for women and men to work equally among each other.