Sexual assault allegations


Kaylee Bowman , Reporter

Recently there has been a countless number of sexual assault allegations. Many women and men have been sharing their stories and bringing their libertine to court. The accusations began with a case against the House of Cards star, Kevin Spacey. Numerous cases have followed Spacey’s’ including Congressmen, POTUS Donald Trump, and many stars such as Melanie Martinez.

With so many stories coming out all at once it’s hard to believe they’re all true. Yes, when one woman or man shares their experience it builds the confidence of another to come out, but this is a large number of people were talking about. So far there has been over ten people accused of sexual misconduct, all of them famous in some way. It is hard to not believe a person in distress, but just with so many people, it’s hard to consider the honesty one might have. The allegations have ruined many careers and a countless number of people are spreading gossip that it all might just be for the moment in a spotlight or money.

Both sides can be easily seen. The good person wants to come out in most everyone, but something with all the allegations doesn’t add up. It could be said that there’s a truth in about seventy-five percent of truth and about twenty-five percent of false accusations. That is fair to say.

One assault allegation that seems to be full of truth and emotion is Rose McGowan against Harvey Weinstein. She claims that Weinstein raped her and when McGowman tried to tell her story he turned it on her. He hired people to bad mouth her and find out information on her, so people would not believe her claims. She has endured years of slut shaming and the public belief that she is a druggy all because of Weinstein. She built up her confidence years later and was one of the first women to come out with her story this past month. When she first came out, Weinstein tried to hush her with One million dollars. She has continued to push through and her story has reached and influenced many women. This story is believable because of the facts and her passion towards the case.

There are accusations towards Roy Moore, who is running for a Republican position as a senator. Several women have come out claiming he sexually assaulted them as teenagers. Their stories are heard and most are believable, but one woman was caught lying. She was found to be working for the opposite party in the campaign against him. It does not mean the other women are lying, but it does make it risky business.

People should continue to support those who have come out, but they should not jump to conclusions about the victims or the accused. By all means, if someone is proved guilty, anyone can trash them. Anyone that violates another person against their will is a low life human being.