Belvidere North’s Dance


Yesenia Vizguerra, Reporter

         The dance team participated in the Lake Zurich competition on December 2, 2017, at Lake Zurich High School.

          This competition is the first of many across the dance season, with participating schools coming in from various parts of Northern Illinois. In total, 42 teams, including levels for both junior varsity and varsity competing.

          Levels are separated not by talent, but by the size of the school. Varsity “one” is for smaller schools, varsity “two” is for medium schools and so forth.

         Teams performed a variety of routines like lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, etc. Songs for the dances ranged from slow tempo to a beat drop that kept the audience engaged in the team’s performance.

          The varsity dance team performed Phoenix by Fall Out Boy. The performance included some lyrical moves, but it mainly incorporated the dark mood.

        For this competition, the varsity team scored a 73 for their first performance at this competition. This put North’s Varsity in last place for the day.

        “I feel like we personally did really good. We have improved in our tricks and our technique. I feel like we might place at NIC-10 at least top 3. I feel like this team is the best that we’ve seen. But after this competition we will see changes in the routine at the next competition,” said Mariana Jeanette Cardoso del Hoyo Solis (‘19).

          The JV team performed to Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie ™. The routine was planned ahead of season due to their Windy City Bulls performance coming up that has a theme of Lego Night.

         The JV team received a 63 at this competition. At their first competition, the team placed a 69. The team still is trying to perfect the routine before the end of the dance season.

         “I think we practiced really hard for it and we tried our best. The mess ups only led to us getting back on track. But we did it together,” said Christina Petges (‘20).

         Both teams have recently been practicing harder to improve their scores for the next competition at Waubonsie High School on Dec. 9, 2017.