Vine’s Revival

Vine's Revival

Emily wendlandt , reporter

 In 2013, Vine was at an all time high, making millions in profit, millions in fans and even holding the title of being the most downloaded free app for that year. Home of some of the funniest,  most quotable videos of this century, Vine was one of the most popular forms of video sharing.  Vine’s six seconds of fame came as fast as it went. Twitter, the owners of Vine, had to make budget cuts In 2016. Vine was staying stagnant while other apps in the industry like Snapchat and Instagram were beginning to floor in sales. Twitter announced the apps shutdown in December of that year; Vine was officially dead.

     Immediately after its announced shutdown, there was talk across Twitter and other platforms about a reboot on the app. Vine was said to be replaced by an app called Vine Camera in January of 2017. Vine Camera held true to the original features of Vine while adding a few features of its own. Vine Camera would only be shareable on Twitter and Twitter owned platforms and would allow Viners to make more of an income, all while allowing Vine users to access their old vines from the previous app. Vine Camera however, missed its release date, and the idea of Vine being shut down for good seemed more and more likely.

    On Dec. 6 2018, Don Hoffman, the co-founder of Vine tweeted a picture with a “V2” logo. Then after that, an unverified twitter account @Vine2Creators tweeted: “#Vine2 is in production and will be released 2018.”

     While the official release date for Vine 2 is still left unannounced, based on the evidence in front, it seems to be a very clear possibility that the app or something similar will officially be making a comeback in early 2018 and will resemble the old Vine we know and love.