What are the posters around the school?

Hannah Cunningham

      Walking around the school you can see all the different advertisements of summer trips, colleges, volunteer projects, and school merchandise.

      Some of the main advertisements were colleges currents juniors and senior are looking at. Starting your college search has to start somewhere, and getting information on any school possible is a good start. The posters around the school not only help with that, but Student Service also helps expand your knowledge of what your next step is and what schools are out there that would be the right fit for you.

      “I’ve always wanted to swim in school and I didnt know where to start looking, Student Services helped me alot in my process of college search,” said Madelynn Marunde (‘18).

      Some other posters around the school advertise more on North based clubs and organizations. For example, National Honors Society has a few posters up about local community service projects anyone is welcome to get involved in.

      Another organization that is advertising around the school is DECA. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools around the globe. This organization is always open to new members.

      “Last weekend was a big traveling weekend for our club and we welcome everyone to join and have the experience,”said Leah Hoffman.

      The Intro. to Business class is also selling water bottles and wrist bands. The class is doing a competition to see who can sell the most for their end of the year project. The wrist bands are selling for $2.00 during 5A and 5B lunch periods and the water bottles are selling for $15.00 if you preorder them now.

      If you want to get involved and donate to your school for a good cause and do not know where to start, walking around your school and looking at the posters provides a good start.