Two doctors wrongly pronounce a baby boy dead

Two doctors wrongly pronounce a baby boy dead

Lily Bakulski, Reporter

     Two doctors, Dr. AP Mehta and Dr. Vishal Gupta, have been fired after mistakenly pronouncing a newborn baby dead. Born at an Indian hospital in New Delhi, the baby was mistakenly pronounced dead, last Thursday, two hours after he was born. 5 months in, the premature twins were birthed by the mother, but the baby girl was pronounced stillborn after delivery.

     While on their way to a cremation ground, the parents of the children noticed movement in the body bags that were given to them by the hospital. It had come from the bag that was carrying the baby boy. When they opened the bag, the boy was breathing.

     “I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my eyes,” stated the baby’s grandfather.

     After the doctors delivered the boy, they saw no sign of life in the boy. He was then handed over, pronounced as dead. The baby boy is now in critical condition and he is receiving treatment at the Delhi Newborn Centre. He is being treated for lack of nutrition and he is on ventilator support. Other treatments are being given that were not mentioned.    Dr. Sandeep Gupta stated that they are “managing to maintain his vitals, but his condition is very serious.” Nurses at the center have told his family that he is also being treated for several infections because he was exposed to the environment and wrapped in plastic.

     An investigation was wanted by the family and the hospital promised to give it to them. The health minister of New Delhi has declared that the license of the hospital might be dismissed. The hospital states that they are keeping in touch with the parents and are providing all of the needed support that they will need to get through this rare incident.

     As expensive as it is, the public has been questioning the private healthcare of India. The family has been told that the three days of treatment will cost them 100,000 rupees which equals 1,551 US dollars. New doctors at the center have still yet to say whether the baby boy is going to survive.