Is Running Start good or bad?

Will Sieracki, Reporter

     The Running Start program is a relatively popular one. People get to attend Rock Valley College and supposedly receive the experience of what campus life and classes are like to prepare them for whatever college or university they attend. They even get college credit for the classes they take at Rock Valley. That seems like a very good idea, right? Can’t go wrong with college credit, most people think. There is one underlying problem, though; there are numerous colleges and universities that don’t acknowledge Running Start credits, which means that the students will have to take those courses anyway.


     According to, which has a list of every school that has accepted running start credits at one point in time, there are only six available in the Midwest, nine if you count Ohio. And the majority of those nine aren’t very “prestigious” schools, like Ohio Wesleyan University or Cornell College. A popular argument is that the more prestige and pedigree the school that you get your Bachelor’s/Master’s/doctorate from, the better.


     But that isn’t always the case. Lots of employers don’t care where you get your degree from, and sometimes don’t even look for a degree in the first place. It all depends on what job you want to have, really.