Hometown Christmas

Hometown Christmas

Camille Spencer, Reporter

Christmas, the most wonderful time of year. It is also the time of year that Belvidere celebrates the wintry season with its annual “Hometown Christmas.” Hometown Christmas is an event that is held in downtown Belvidere where families and friends can walk around, see the parade, get some hot chocolate and cookies, see the lighting of the big tree, and overall, just enjoy most everyone’s favorite time of the year.

The event was held on Friday, December 2. It began at 5:00 P.M. To start off the annual event, Belvidere hosted a parade that included floats and walking groups created by businesses, volunteers, and other organizations. Belvidere North’s marching band students also got to participate in the parade.

“It was really fun and interesting and I liked being around my friends and I enjoyed that we had people there for us that cheered as we walked by, aside from it being cold, we all had a fun time doing it and I can’t wait to do it again next year,” said Jonathan Bratter (20’).

The band students weren’t the only ones from Belvidere North that got to help or be a part of Hometown Christmas though. Other students had the opportunity to paint the windows for the event. Belvidere North’s Acapella also made an appearance and performed at the historical center.

Hometown Christmas is a function that is great for all ages. Adults can take their kids or just their friends in the “Journey to bethlehem” exhibit, which takes you on a short walk through of the story of Jesus and the journey made to get to Bethlehem. Teens and kids can walk to the fire station to receive cookies and hot chocolate. This year the “Apollo”, held an event that was only for the adults. In the previous year’s, kids were able to see santa and take a picture with him at the Apollo, and after that was all done, it became a party just for teens.

At the historical center, children could see Rudolph the rednose reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. To keep warm, people could come in and enjoy some music while being offered cookies, popcorn, hot cider, and hot coffee.

Most students that attended liked to walk to the big tree to watch the lighting of it and then take 100 pictures until they found the perfect one that will be later uploaded on social media with the caption, ”It’s that time of year again.”