Meet Kate


OtengBediako at her most recent visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sofi Zeman , Features Editor


     MIT. The biggest fish in a world of education. A school with the most rigorous learning methods and innovative ideas, where some of the greatest minds of our time can be traced back to. Buzz Aldrin. Katharine McCormick. Jonah Peretti. What does all of this have in common with Belvidere North, you ask? Kate OtengBediako.

     Kate is a senior here at North. But, she’s no native to the Land of Lincoln. In the summer of 2016, she and her family of four moved here from New York. In her family, she’s a first generation U.S. citizen with both of her parents being originally from Ghana, Africa. Kate’s father attended both MIT and Harvard.

     “My parents always encourage my sister and I to work hard. My dad always says ‘choose the hardest possible thing.’ They’ve both been incredibly supportive and pushed me to do my best,” said OtengBediako.

     In her junior year, she participated in Science Olympiad, English Honor Society, cross country and National Honor Society. She also ran varsity track, breaking school records in long jump, triple jump and the indoor 4x200m relay. She plans on returning to the track for the 2017 season in hopes of shattering her previous records and qualifying for state.

     In terms of academics, Kate is a straight-A student, having always excelled in her classes. Over the course of her entire senior year, she will have taken five AP classes. Aside from MIT, OtengBediako has applied to Harvard, Georgetown and Bradley University. But, she’s got her sight set on becoming a part of the beaver family.

     Outside of school, religion plays a major role in Kate’s life.

     “It’s helped me to get through my day, life and just everything in between. It’s a huge part of who I am and it helps me to relate to other people,” said OtengBediako.

     By the end of high school, Kate hopes to keep her grades up, fully understanding all of her course material. She also plans on coming up with a research project that she can further throughout college.

     In the longer run, OtengBediako looks to the future, wanting to get into the medical field. She is interested in biochemical engineering and biophysics.

     “ I want to split my time between working at a research hospital to learn innovative ways of treating cancer or such diseases. From there, I could be able to  bring it to people who need that help. I also want to split time teaching medicine,” said Kate.

     Finding a cure or treatment in the field of cancer is one of Kate’s primary goals. She hopes to help people who can’t afford to pay for such treatments and increase the productivity of said treatments.

     While Kate will not discover whether she’s been accepted to MIT until March 2018, she feels confident in her chance of acceptance after touring the campus and meeting with admissions representatives.