Keaton Jones


Cindy, Editor

  Several days ago, a video of an 11-year-old boy named Keaton Jones went viral. In the video, Jones explains how he was being bullied at school and how nobody should be treated the way kids at school were treating him. After the video was seen by hundreds of thousands of people, celebrities and actors publicly came out and showed support for him. A GoFundMe  was even made specifically for Jones because people wanted to be generous after seeing how upset he was. Over $56 thousand dollars was raised for Jones over the span of three days. Jones’ story initially seemed like a sad story about a boy being bullied but after several days, things took an unexpected turn.

      Just a few days after the video went viral, information and pictures were released of Jones’ family holding and displaying the confederate flag. Without any context prior to seeing the video of Jones, one wouldn’t show anything besides support and love for the boy. After several people from Twitter came out with proof that his family supported of the ideas that many white supremacists support, Jones’ story started being questioned. People looked into his family more and came to the realization that his story may have been set up.

     While Jones claims to have been bullied, there are several kids that have said they attend the same school as Jones and claim he wasn’t being totally honest about everything. These kids explained that the reason Jones was being “bullied” was because he was calling his black classmates the N-word.

     “At first, I felt bad for him, but now that I know the full story, I have began to question all of the things I hear and see going on around me and on the internet,” said Priscila Chavez(19’).

     They go on to explain that they weren’t bullying him, but simply sticking up for themselves because of the racist names Jones was calling them.

     The pictures that were posted of Jones’ family and of his mother, holding the confederate flag have caused lots of backlash. Jones’ mother has responded to the pictures claiming that they were meant to be “ironic” and “funny”. This response has caused even more outrage because people don’t think that holding up a flag that has negative and even racist connotations should be regarded as funny. After these pictures were released, the GoFundMe that was started for Jones has made a post saying that they plan to donate the money to other families who’ve recently lost their child to bullying and have offered to refund anybody that would like one.

     Many of the celebrities that posted about Jones and brought light to his story have since removed their posts because of what’s come out about his family. The reasoning for this was because many of them didn’t want to be associated with hate or racism and worried people would think they supported that. Chris Evans, the actor that plays Captain America, invited Jones to the premiere of the Infinity War movie. On Tuesday, Don Cheadle- who played War Machine in the Avengers Age of Ultron replied to a tweet asking them to uninvite Jones and Cheadle replied with “that already went away”.

     “I think Jones getting uninvited was him getting what he deserves because he dehumanized others without a second thought,” said Yesenia Vizguerra(20’).

     Popular female artist Rihanna has even deleted her Instagram post about Jones and has instead replaced it with a post about several children that have taken their lives over bullying, hoping to bring awareness to the severity that bullying can reach. Many celebrities have chosen to focus on cases like the one Rihanna did instead of defending Jones’ racist comments.