The truth about the Keaton Jones video


Keaton has been featured in many newscasts apologizing with his mother.

Cassiana Pozzi, editor-in-chief

When I first got the idea to write this story, I thought that the video circulating Twitter and Facebook was just a small PSA from a bully victim. From the small clips of it I have seen, the boy, named Keaton Jones, looks to be around late elementary/early middle school age. He is in the passenger side of his mom’s car and he has tears just streaming down his face and he looks completely shaken up. Keaton’s mother films him as he recounts his experience and tries to make an understanding of why people bully. And to Twitter it went, under a relative’s account, and it received thousands of likes and retweets very quickly. Within a day or two, it became a trending video and celebrities started to weigh in on the discussion. Avengers actors Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo praised his fight and assured the boy his speciality, even inviting him to the premiere of their upcoming film Avengers: Infinity War. Hailee Steinfeld also jumped on this quickly and invited Keaton to be her date at the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere next week. Along with them, famous boxers and MMA fighters invited him out to LA to watch them and hang out with the boy. All of these celebrities showed the highest caliber of humility. The story took an unexpected turn when a famous MMA fighter, Joe Schilling, contacted Keaton’s mother to try and bring Keaton out to one of his shows and so that he can meet him and other fighters.

“She just wants money.” Schilling had said in his video. “She said, “You know Christmas is coming and I’m a single mother, blah, blah, money’s tight”.”

A GoFundMe had actually  been made by Keaton’s family to “end bullying.” If anyone knows how bullying works, you know that there is no correlation between money and bullying. And somehow they already had over $50,000!

So the small disclaimer of this story is that I never really watched the full video, just the first few seconds. I had an uneasy feeling about whole video from the beginning because of how his message was spread across. If Keaton was really a victim of bullying and was trying to explain the situation to his mother, why would she be filming him? She maybe should’ve considered that her son just needed help instead of just getting him to say it for the people of Twitter. Millions of people to be exact. But it suggests that maybe she did all of this on purpose, to get publicity, and to get money. So after this spread on the internet, people started digging deeper into Keaton’s family. One thing that was found quickly was that the mother’s Facebook revealed the family to be confederate supporters. Being a confederate supporter on the internet has been proven to get you nowhere, and on top of that she was just asking for money? Let’s just say some invitations were revoked.  

Some rumors even started to circle around Keaton himself. It spread to twitter that the reason Keaton was being bullied was because of the racial slurs used against his African American classmates. Whether that is true or not is unclear but this story has taken so many crazy turns one can’t completely rule it out. But even if it is, the blame can not be placed all on the boy if that’s the type of language and outlook he was confined to growing up, as seen from the mother’s open support for the confederacy on her Facebook.

One of the saddest parts about this story is that Keaton actually had a really good message. It’s a shame that it had to be twisted into this big scandal because what he had to say in the video is an important topic. Children are bullied at such a young age and it can truly hurt them for a long time, sometimes it stays with them for years. A lot of people can relate to what Keaton had said in the video, including a large amount of celebrities. But the trouble that came with the video questioned its genuinity and has opened the discussion for the kids who haven’t spoken up or didn’t go viral. Singer, Rihanna, deleted her post about Keaton and had replaced it with the stories of Rosalie Avila (13) and Ashawnty Davis (10) who had both committed suicide within the past month due to bullying. Awareness for the two girls had come up a week prior to Keaton’s video but never became a trending topic, unfortunately.

At this point the media is looking past Keaton and focusing more on the subject of bullying as a whole. He used powerful words and they do hold great amounts of truth in general. What should be taken from this story has nothing to do with Keaton but with what should be done about bullying at a young age.