Boone County treasurer and recorder visit Belvidere North


Kaylee Bowman, Reporter

For many Boone County is a place they’ve aspired to move out of as quickly as they can, but for others, it’s a forever home. Although it seems like there may not be much to do around this little farming community, it opens many opportunities for people working within the union, school districts, agriculture, small business owners, etc. These people are what make up this town we call our home. Along with that though, there’s a group of people that have dedicated their lives to maintaining this community.

Belvidere North had the pleasure of hosting Boone County’s treasurer and collector, Curt Newport, and Julie Stapler, the town’s recorder. They spoke of what they and others do to help everything in the town have balance and grow economically and aesthetically.

These two along with the other workers have a pride for living in a county such as ours. The majority of them graduated from Belvidere High School, so they are able to call this place their hometown. They know the problems this town faces, they have seen them for years, so this is their chance to make a difference.

Stapler gets to keep the records and learn something new about our history every day.

“I get to be engulfed in this town’s history while still experiencing it for myself,” said Stapler. She exclaimed how thrilled she is to feel this sense of nostalgia and belonging with her given attachment to the area.

Newport spoke of his job to the eager listening teenagers. They asked him and Stapler many questions. Leah Hoffman (‘18) and Chris Winters (‘18) were just a few of the students interested in learning from these adults. They threw out many questions to the speakers and hopefully they got what they were looking for.

Belvidere North gives a big thank you to Stapler and Newport for taking time to come speak. They also give thanks to the county officers for working to make this town a better place for us all.