Coed Challenge


Hannah Konkler, Reporter

The annual Coed Challenge cheer competition at Belvidere North is coming up Friday December 15. There are 19 coed teams that come and compete. For the Belvidere North cheer team, it  is one of their biggest competitions since it is at home.

The doors for the competition open at 4:30. It is $5 for adults to get in and $3 for students. The teams all compete, and then afterwards there is awards. After awards all the teams get pizza and there is a DJ. North does this so all the teams can sort of bond with each other. Another thing that happens at the competition is the debriefing room. After a team performs, they have the opportunity to go into the forum room and watch their routine. There is a judge in there that gives out tips on how to improve the routine. This is something that teams really enjoy about this competition, as no one else does it.

“The Coed Challenge is one of my favorite comps of the year. It is so exciting getting to host all these other teams at our school. It is also so much fun having a lot of people from our school there to support us,” said Alex Jacobs (‘18).

This year, North is doing something new. One team from Streamwood had a tragedy a few days ago. They had a cheerleader from their football team commit suicide. In honor of the girl, North is giving beads in Streamwoods colors to all the teams to put on their shoes. Also, they were putting on a Miracle Minute, which is where you have a minute to run through the stands and collect money. All the donations received are going to the family to help cover costs of services.

Last year North won this competition, and they are hoping to repeat that this year. They would love to see people  come out and support them here on Friday night.