Lily Bakulski, Reporter

An attempted bombing in Times Square did not turn out so well for the terrorist who tried to commit the act. 27-year-old, Akayed Ullah, wore a homemade pipe bomb into a busy transit hub and set off the explosive. While injuring 5, Ullah caused panic throughout the entire station.

Authorities say that this was an attempted terrorist attack. Akayed Ullah has pledged allegiance to ISIS, stating that he did this in response to what has been going on in Gaza. At least two devices were found on the suspect, but only one fully worked. The one bomb that was detonated was a pipe containing black powder, wire, nails, a battery, and screws. Elaboration on the second device was not given. This bomb was strapped to him with zip ties and velcro. The pipe did not explode which lessened the impact as well. The blast occurred around 7:20 a.m. and when the smoke cleared, a man was to be found lying in the hallway.

Ullah made the bomb in his apartment in Brooklyn about a week ago. He is currently at Bellevue hospital being treated for lacerations to the hands and abdomen. Five other people were diagnosed with minor injuries and are being treated at hospitals in the surrounding area.

Neighbors of the suspect state that his family is very quiet and that Ullah was never friendly himself. They never talked to anybody and they never come outside. He came to the United States in 2011 and is a permanent resident by law.

By Monday, all direct access to the terminal was reopened, but the passageway stayed closed. Ullah states that he decided to attack on a weekday so he could maximize casualties and injuries. New York, right now, is the most targeted state for terrorism and this attack is the 23rd to occur.

The wife of the subject had no idea that he was going to do such a thing. She talked to him on the phone 30 minutes before the attack and he mentioned nothing of his plan. Him and his wife got married in 2016 and while he returned to the U.S. after their marriage, she remained behind with her baby and her parents.