The Walking Dead Recap

The Walking Dead Recap

Emily Wendlandt, Reporter

     The AMC hit T.V. show series The Walking Dead is halfway through their 8th season. Walking dead fans watched anxiously on the edge of their seats Sunday night as the midseason finale aired. The show’s finale was an action and drama packed spectacle. Questions answers, conflicts revealed, tears shed, The Walking Dead midseason finale delivered a shocking twist to an already suspenseful series.

   When we last left off Negan, the enemy, was trapped at the sanctuary because of a walker herd which he miraculously breaks free from. Rick looks out over an empty courtyard, trying to get a hold of someone from his crew.

     Flash forward to the opening of the finale, Rick is seen alone under fire from Negan’s gang. Carol and Jerry find a way to drive into the crossfire and get Rick out of harm’s way.  Meanwhile in Alexandria, Michonne, Rick’s now love interest, tells Judith she’ll bring Rick back to Alexandria safely. As Daryl explains his plan to Michonne to get The Savior’s to surrender, the camera cuts to Carl sitting in his room holding a note. “Just survive somehow” the note Carl received from Enid before she left.  A sleeping bag next to Carl in his room foreshadows the events to come in the episode.

     When we next see Carl he is at a manhole, claiming he was helping a traveler pass through the sewers to Michonne. Their conversation is interrupted by Negan’s menacing voice over the megaphone. Negan threatens their lives and Rick’s for what they’ve done, and they all only have three minutes to comply. Chaos at Alexandria has broken out. Michonne and Carl tell everyone to run to the woods as they pack valuables, everything they’ve built for themselves is crumbling.

     As Carl, Michonne and the rest of the survivors move towards the woods, Carl spots Negan off guard. Carl says to Negan that he’d sacrifice himself if it meant saving the others. Negan stands speechless as Carl asks Negan if he saw this coming. The speech however, was only a ploy of distraction, and Carl escapes while smoke covers the grounds of Alexandria.

     Rick, Michonne, Carl and some survivors make it to the sewers for refuge. It’s here, in the last scene where Carl reveals he’s been bitten. As Rick and Michonne fall to their knees at the news of Carl’s potential death, the screen fades to black.

     One of the most energetic and intense episodes of the year sets the tone for the rest of season 8. We are now at the halfway point, and they could take this plot in any direction. In February, when the rest of the season airs, we can only anticipate to see the same level of intensity this midseason episode exuded onto the screen.