New Mexico School Shooting

New Mexico School Shooting

Priscila Chavez, Reporter

 Yet again another school shooting has happened but this time it was performed by a 21 year old man, William Atchison who disguised himself as a student to get inside on a regular school day in New Mexico, where he killed two students including himself. Atchison had also been a former student from Aztec High School and disguised himself by carrying a backpack and some magazines but also had a .9mm glock with him planning his act.

     Students were sitting in class when they all heard a loud noise thinking it was someone swinging a metal baseball bat against the lockers but as it got louder and closer, the announcements went off warning everyone that it was not a drill. Police responded to the school’s call in less than a minute when they received the phone call, which happened to be during first period.

      The students were identified as Francisco I. Fernandez who had excused himself to go use the restroom and was immediately shot. The next victim was found to be Casey J. Marquez, who was found by Atchison walking in the hallway and killed her next. Officials believe Atchison shot himself later and the two students were not meant to be targeted but were “at the wrong place and at the wrong time.”  

     “It’s really heartbreaking that people would think such things, let alone act upon that and shoot in an environment where it’s supposed to be known as a safe place,” said Yesenia Vizguerra (‘20).

     But throughout that Thursday the school of about 900 kids reamined on lockdown  the rest of the day with no other injuries reported.

     “I think that gun control needs to be enforced. It’s obviously a problem that isn’t gonna go away unless it’s fixed. Killings and the deaths of innocent people are still going to happen so I think gun control is an issue that needs to be taken care of immediately,” said Cynthia Oyervides (‘18)

     This day also happened to be when a substitute teacher was there and had no key to lock the door to the computer lab so the sub decided that their safety was important than her own and took the students into a storage room and blocked the door. Atchison also went into rooms yelling that he knew they were in there while firing multiple shots into the room.

     Hundred gathered for pray services and candlelight vigils and more gatherings were planned as redients ask themselves why this would happen and why would someone do this. Two GoFundMe pages have been setup to help Fernandez’s and Marquez’s families out.