The Crimes of Grindelwald


Natalie Abramat, News Editor

 After the great success of J.K. Rowling’s whimsical tale of Harry Potter, came along the story of Newt Scamander and his fantastic beasts, evidently told before Harry was even born. Despite Harry Potter setting the boundaries of the magic world, the new Fantastic Beasts movie looks back at the beginning world of magic in the time of 1920’s and how the infamous battle between Albus Dumbledore and his enemy Grindelwald came to be. The first Fantastic Beasts movie focused more on the creatures that Newt had to reacquire after they escaped from Newt’s briefcase, wreaking havoc on New York City. However, the second Fantastic Beasts is stirring quite the controversy over the lead actor, Johnny Depp, playing Grindelwald in the films. It has even become so serious that Harry Potter fans are breaking apart.

     “Even though there are some accusations about Johnny Depp and how he abused his wife shouldn’t matter if he plays in a movie or not. He’s a good actor either way and does a good job playing as Grindelwald and should keep playing him in the next upcoming movies,” said Darby Dempsey (‘19).

     The movie will follow along the lines of Grindelwald escaping MACUSA and gathering followers to his cause of exposing the magical world to muggles. Another thing that have fans spinning, is that in the latest picture of Fantastic Beasts, it shows Grindelwald containing the most powerful wand of all, the elder wand. It will also include the four main characters, Newt, Tina, Queenie and no maj Jacob. However, much has occurred during this time, such as Newt finishing his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

     Credence, the obscurial, also managed to survive, as he is seen in the title picture that was released. However, it is uncertain at this time how he managed to survive, who is sitting with him in the picture and how powerful the wizard truly is. In addition, we will also glimpse into the multiple new characters such as, Newt’s brother, Leta Lestrange and teenage versions of the lead characters. With all the excitement that is to come with the new movie, there is sure to be controversy over Johnny Depp, but true fans will want to embrace in the magic and fantasy rather than the drama that partakes out of the story.