Holiday traditions at North


Sofi Zeman, Features Editor

     With just one more week left in the first semester of this year, all anyone can think about is the upcoming winter break. As exciting as this is, the students of Belvidere North still have this next week to get through. To lessen the tension of finals and to get everyone into the holiday spirit, Belvidere North has their very own holiday tradition. Every Friday, the hourly bells will be replaced with Christmas music.

     “This is my favorite part about being a student at Belvidere North. The hallway music adds some more fun to the usual, boring school day,” said Hunter Vinke (‘19).

     Students and faculty alike can expect some of their favorite holiday songs to be played within the next week, ranging from Bing Crosby to Justin Bieber. Dr. Vermillion, North’s choir director is in charge of this tradition, along with other members of the choir. Their job is to ensure that Belvidere North receives a wide variety of uplifting holiday music to finish the long week on a positive note.

     This tradition has been carried out for years, here at North. Christmas music can be heard ringing through the hallways every Friday in December. The last time this will be carried out is on Friday, December 22. While they have a set list, song suggestions can be made to Dr. V in the choir room.

      The North choir department makes it their mission to deliver holiday music to the public. There are other opportunities to listen to everyone’s favorite Christmas songs. On December 12, North’s choir held their annual winter concert, making for their second of four performances for the year. The school’s a Capella group has been touring various spots in town, singing and spreading positive holiday vibes. The last stop on the group’s tour will be December 20 at the Boone County Historical Society at 5:30 pm.