Last minute gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas

Hannah Konkler, Reporter

With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is stressing about getting their gifts. People want to make sure they get the perfect gift for people close to them.

For men and pretty much anybody, tech gifts are their favorite. The Phillips Hue Starter Kit is a very popular one this year. It can transform your home into a smart home by having the ability to control your lights from an app on your phone. It is $69, so it is a reasonable price.

Another device that is popular this season is the Amazon echo. It is $79 and it controls things and takes commands like siri does on an iPhone.

For the women on your list, there are some good gifts to get them. Ugg slippers that cost $85 is something that anyone is bound to like.

Another gift that really isn’t just for women is a Keurig. They cost $99 and are very useful to just make a quick cup of something.

If you’re looking for gifts for your significant other, there are many options. For a girlfriend, the Pandora Princess Ring is a good choice. It is more for a long term relationship and can almost be seen as a promise ring. It is $80 and can be bought at our local store called Crimson Ridge or online.

For a boyfriend, some new shoes or sports gear for their favorite team is a good gift. The Yeezy Boosts are shoes that most guys would love to have. They can be bought online at

If you need to get some last minute gifts, here are a few examples. An Amazon Prime subscription is a good one. People can use it right away and get things like 2-day shipping with the membership. Another one is a gift card to pretty much anywhere. The movies, the salon, or even to a food place. People love gift cards, and it is an easy last minute gift that people will actually use.

Overall, if you haven’t got your gifts yet, now is the time to. Hopefully this list with some gift ideas will help you to avoid rushing to get things the day before, and to give a good gift that people will actually enjoy.