High school relationships

High school relationships

Hayley Redner, Reporter

Opinions and perceptions that high school relationships are likely to end when college or adulthood begins vary. Many adults say there’s keys to keeping a healthy relationship but many believe people simply grow apart from each other as time passes. Some may think it’s all about how close you get with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but others believe high school relationships don’t have happy endings.

     In some cases we’ve heard the stories of high school sweethearts getting married in their early to mid twenties. People truly can stay happy together for that long, it just depends on their individual relationship with one another.

     On the contrary, dating in high school may also bring unnecessary drama and hurt feelings as friend groups are cliquey and shade is thrown. As high school students have a lot of growing up to do, people talk and things get twisted making relationships take a turn for the worse. For one instance Grace Kahler(‘18) says, “You learn that as you get closer to someone you aren’t as important to them as you thought you were. One person could end up more mature than the other, making things difficult and eventually you grow apart from them. But things happen and you have to learn to be accepting of that.”

     But for the couples that seem like they’ve been together through it all things are a little different. They seem to always want to be together, cutting all their friends off so they only have time for one another. Taylor Ferguson, a senior here at North, seems to make both sides work, she always has time for her friends and her boyfriend Sam Sisco. Taylor(‘18) says, “I love spending time with Sam, we never get sick of eachother. It’s just also nice knowing I have my friends to hangout with too.”

      So really time will just tell what happens with individual high school relationships and what your future holds. Everyone has their own opinions, there isn’t any way to truly tell if your relationship will last or not as there’s only a two percent chance you will become high school sweethearts after dating in high school. As technology advances, teens meet, date, and break up over their phones. This makes communicating easier, but teens are far less likely to have embarked on a romantic relationship they started online. As time changes, people will definitely meet and date online more.