Asking Alexandria’s New Album


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      Asking Alexandria, a popular rock band, released a self-titled album on Dec. 15. The band has five albums out that have all done well and have kept fans attention. After their frontman Danny Worsnop left the band back in 2015, the band continued on. They released a new album with Denis Stoff as their frontman who had previous experience with bands and the music scene. A year after Worsnop left the band, he explained that he planned to return to the band that he was a part of for over 9 years. Asking Alexandria’s new album has brought a new sense of energy and effort to the band.

     The first track on the album called “Alone In A Room” is a song that immediately brings a new feel to the band. It’s upbeat and Worsnop’s words are clear and powerful. He sings about the way he felt years earlier; he sings about needing inspiration to be the best version of himself and having to give his all to not let himself fall apart or recede back to old ways. The song make the listener feel a sense of hopeful melancholy. Worsnop sings about avoiding his issues that he’s struggled with and even at times feeling trapped.

     “Into The Fire” begins with a steady beat that progresses into a strong kick of well blended instruments. The song focuses on not regretting the past but rather appreciating everything that’s happened and learning from it. This song brings light to the things that Worsnop had to endure in past years and how they’ve helped him grow as a person as well as a musician. The next track “Hopelessly Hopeful” is another song that focuses on the bad things in the past. It explains how a person’s past can impact them without them even realizing it and as a result, their life might not feel right. In an interview with Alternative Press, Worsnop claimed that this song was about his journey coming back to the band, filling that missing piece of his life.

     The 7th track on the album “Under Denver” is one of the more sad songs on the album. While the others may cover melancholy topics, this song differs in that it is a song that can be applied to anybody’s life. It’s about the internal struggles many people face and have to learn to deal with. Worsnop sings about those that struggle with these issues not being alone and urging everyone to try their best to stay afloat despite all the pain they may endure during life. “Under Denver” is meant to be a hopeful and uplifting song.

     “Eve” is the 9th track on the album and is much like Asking Alexandria’s older

stuff. It’s a much heavier song that has heavy drum parts as well as strong guitar riffs. The opening lines are powerful and full of emotion and then become much softer during the chorus. Worsnop’s emotion and anger come through with this song the same way that most of the bands older music does. For this song, the variety between heaviness and clean vocals shows the progression of the bands ability to create a song that isn’t just endless screaming.

     One of the last few songs on the album “Empire” is unlike anything they’ve released before. It opens with a singer by the name of Bingx; he raps for the lines leading up to the chorus. After Bingxs’ part, Ben Bruce-the lead guitarist of the band- sings for several verses. Following Bruce’s lines, Worsnop comes in with a smooth blend and progression. The song is very soft and light while also being able to continue the even flow found on the rest of the songs off the album.

     Asking Alexandria has changed so much in the past few years but they have been able to maintain many of the elements they used to incorporate in their older music. Worsnop has much more clean vocal parts on this album than any of their previous ones. The instruments are still as heavy as they’ve always been but not too heavy that they drown out Worsnop’s singing. They have progressed a lot from their first album and will most likely continue to do so as their band becomes more mature over the next several years.