In Theaters Now


Mariana Cardoso, Reporter

     Everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Christmas then New years we forget all about the joy of going down to our favorite theater with a couple friends or significant other and watching a movie. This Friday we can all make our way to the closest AMC theater and catch the newly released movies. Movie lovers can watch Pitch Perfect 3, Father Figures, Downsizing and The Post this weekend.

     This Friday we can all get to watch the ending to the hilarious musical trilogy of Pitch Perfect. Fans have been excited since the third movie was officially announced on June 10, 2015 just a month after the second movie was released. The plot consists of the bellas after the high of winning the World Championships. The bellas find themselves split apart and discovering that that not much comes after acappella music. But then they get to reunite and sing together for an overseas USO tour, reunite to make some questionable decisions for one last time with the full cast coming back.

     Viewers can also watch Father Figures which is an upcoming American comedy film. The movie is about two fraternal twin brothers, Kyle and Peter Reynolds played by Owen Wilson and Ed Helms. They learned that their eccentric mother had lied and their father was not dead. Their mother Helen BAxter played by Glenn Close had slept around with many rich and famous powerful men. They set out on a roadtrip to find who their real father is, finding out about their mother in the process. Probably learning more than they wanted too about their mother.

     Also coming to theaters is Downsizing. An interesting story imagining what could happen if the world had a solution to the overpopulation. Shrinking humans to a height of 5 inches. In the movie after scientist discover exactly how to do that they propose a 200-year global transition from a big to small world. However there a catch: The procedure is irreversible. People realize how much money can go in a mini world and with the promise of a better life, Paul Safranek played by Matt Damon and his wife Aubrey played by Kristen Wiig decide to move to a new downsized community. Aubrey however backs out last second. After the couple realise they have no future together and divorce and Paul must now figure out how to start his life over in a completely different world.

     “There hasn’t been any good movies to go watch lately, but Pitch Perfect 3 and Downsizing look really interesting. I want to watch both but I don’t think I’m going to waste 20 bucks on two movies, maybe just one,” said Lesley Melendez (‘19).

     We can all now look forward to the holidays and these great new movies which are in theaters today. These movies are a great way to spend your Friday or your holiday weekend.