Terrible teens

Natalie Abramat, News Editor

Let’s get real for a second. High school sucks. Pretty much any teen will tell you that. School work is stressful, relationships are difficult and the teachers can be pretty annoying when they surprise you and give you an extra assignment before the end of the semester that can make or break your grade. Teens also are really good at exaggerating points, pretty much like I do. Why are teens so dramatic in today’s generation?  I think it has to do with three big points.

    The first fact is that teens like attention. It is indented into their genetic code to start drama. Now, not everybody will start drama on purpose, but there is always issues amongst teens that either regard friendships, relationships or just people in general. Most teens like to be the center of attention and heaven forbid the spotlight be on someone else. To even prove this point, I conducted a little poll to see what people thought. Out of the twenty eight people that responded sixty six percent of people said that teens are over dramatic, while thirty three percent said teens aren’t dramatic. The people that responded to the poll were teens themselves, so it only made sense to ask teens if their peers are dramatic or not.

     The second fact is that all teens deal with issues in life. Sooner or later in a person’s life, they will love a really close friendship they thought would stick like glue forever. However, when you break off from a friendship it can show you what you couldn’t see while you were in it. A lot of teens will say they have been in a “uncertain” friendship. They can’t admit that there were problems in the friendship because they still consider them their friend even after all the rough stuff they put that person through. If a friend doesn’t support you and just criticises you, or stuff along that line, then it really isn’t a healthy relationship. And then there comes the competitiveness and drama that ties into the first fact. The point is that if you aren’t happy in a friendship, either take care of the business or end the friendship. It isn’t safe nor is it healthy to pretend it’s okay when it’s not.

     The last fact is that teens are stressed and tired. What teenager doesn’t complain about not getting enough sleep or having way too much homework? When teens are tired they get moody and quite frankly it can become pretty scary. I did another poll to see if teens become more stressed out as they get older and eighty eight percent said yes while twelve percent said no. Again, these were teens answering the questions. When kids become stressed out they have a tendency to stretch the truth. And it isn’t like they do it on purpose, they are tired of all the ridiculous things they have to put up with. For the whole, teens act dramatic because they are tired and exaggerate things, and there is no problem with it as long as they don’t cause unnecessary issues. Teens can be as dramatic as they want, but when they start to cause drama, then it’s completely ridiculous. Let’s just say for the record that teens are dramatic and leave it at that.