Coed Challenge

Coed Challenge

Hunter Dixon, Reporter

On Dec. 15, Belvidere North hosted the Coed Challenge Cheer Competition. Around 20 of the coed cheer teams in Illinois came to compete against each other. The most anticipated cheer competition besides state is The Belvidere North Coed Challenge. The Coed Challenge top five ranked teams in the Coed division were Belvidere North, Grant, South Elgin, Metea Valley, and Conant. Although, not all coed teams were present, the top contending teams from previous years were there.

“The coed Challenge is my favorite competition of the year and I’m so happy that we went out there and got the trophy and did our best,”said Hannah Konkler(18).

     The night was extremely hectic for Belvidere North parents and/volunteers as teams dropped dropped from the competition and caused confusion for everyone. However, North coaches and staff managed to work through the obstacles and pulled the competition off without a hitch.

   Belvidere North went last, which caused much anxiety for the team because they were showcasing brand new white uniforms and had to live up to the ‘State Champ’ name. The team isn’t full of state champs, but they preformed like they were. The three minute routine was near flawless which scored them a 94.

    When it came time for awards the crowd was stunned when they heard,

  • Conant -5th Place
  • Metea Valley -4th Place
  • South Elgin -3rd Place
  • Grant -2nd Place
  • Belvidere North -1st Place

   Now it was no surprise to see North in the first place spot, the team has some things to work on like cleaning up the routine and making it harder but as of now, they are looking a lot like the 2018 State Champs.