Patriots vs Steelers game ends in controversy

Will Sieracki, Reporter

     The Steelers played the New England Patriots on Sunday, and it was a very thrilling game. The Steelers took a late lead with 30 seconds to go on a touchdown, and it seemed like they had all but guaranteed a win.  But NFL referees had other plans. They called the touchdown back because the ruling was that the receiver was down before he crossed the goal line. The Steelers still had possession of the ball, but rather than settle for a field goal that would’ve tied the game, head coach Mike Tomlin decided to go for a touchdown. The Patriots got an interception, ending the game and giving them a very close win.


     The close margins by which the Patriots won by and the embarrassing loss to Jay Cutler’s Dolphins are causes for concern. They haven’t exactly looked like the unstoppable juggernaut they’ve been in the last couple of seasons. And the cracks are showing at the worst possible time, right before the playoffs. The popular opinion is that New England will turn it around in time and be the easy conference champion in what is a very weak AFC this year. After all, last time sportswriters and sports fans alike doubted the Patriots, a season where Tom Brady looked done and the team lost 4 straight to start the season, they won the Super Bowl. Whenever people think the Patriots are done, they pull off a winning streak and usually a Super Bowl win.


     The Steelers just can’t seem to make it over the hump. Every year they win eleven or twelve games, but run into the Patriots in the playoffs every year. This could be the year based on the flaws New England has showed, but unfortunately Steelers fans shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet.