Activities to do in the winter

Activities to do in the winter

Hayley Redner, Reporter

As the seasons pass and winter is here, many students enjoy the activities and hobbies that come with it. As some students enjoy the cold weather, others would rather be inside or shopping.

     Some fun outdoor activities are snowboarding or skiing at Cascade Mountain, snow tubing, or ice fishing at local ponds or lakes. As the outdoors isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite, especially when it’s negative temperatures, there are still things to do in the winter.

     If you are someone who dislikes the cold, a great option you have is to vacation to somewhere warm. A getaway to a warmer state or even country could be your best bet. Grace Kahler(18) says, “Last winter my mom took my brother and I on a cruise in the caribbeans. We stayed for about two weeks and when we got back in town I wanted to escape the cold and go back immediately.”

     But for the students who can’t afford the vacations and luxury, a simple shopping trip or movie day could be something to take up some time. Ben Turner(18) says, “I don’t always go shopping but in my spare time I create a website with a few friends that sells apparel. It keeps us busy and we also make profit off of it.”

     Overall some may see winter as a boring time with nothing to do, but there are many activities to take up your time and get together with friends.