Logan Paul Video Scandal


Yesenia Vizguerra, Reporter

         Logan Paul is a known vlogger that has recently been under fire for a controversial video that he posted on New Year’s Eve. Most of Paul’s uploads include daily vlogs, extreme stunts and daily adventures that have since been deleted.

        The video showed him in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, also known as the suicide forest. The name is set on the forest due to the amounts of deaths that have taken place in the forest.

        Paul and the people he were with, encountered a dead man in the forest, yet instead of turning off the camera for respects, Paul called out to the dead man hanging from a tree, saying “Yo, are you alive?”  Later, the camera began to zoom in on the man Paul asked his tour guide: “Did we just find a dead person in the suicide forest hanging?” “This was supposed to be a fun vlog.” Paul had said to the camera and then continued to make several jokes about the victim.

         Before uploading the video, however, Paul issued the viewers a warning on the content that was included, showed the suicide hotlines including the hotline for Japan,  and blurred the victim’s face. He also chose to not make money from the video yet his efforts weren’t enough.

          After receiving backlash from multiple people online, Paul later deleted the video and posted an apology video.

         Some have said, “There is no excuse for what (Logan) Paul did. The video is disturbing and is extremely offensive to the victim and the family. It has also showed offense to those who struggle with mental illnesses.

        “Why would he do that? I really don’t know why he did that but it was really disrespectful,” said Christina Petges (‘20).

         The only problem with this is that Youtube does have its own sets of rules for public videos, including the showing of controversial and disturbing content. The fact that Youtube didn’t do anything to take down the video but rather Paul, has recently involved the Google company to submerge itself in controversy on when they should censor videos behind closed doors.

        In recent news, Logan Paul has since been deleted with his associations with Youtube and its content. Meaning, Paul’s channel has been taken off of Youtube since the controversial video scandal.