Ready or not- PyeongChang 2018


Anna Hulstedt, Reporter

Once again, the world awaits the Winter Olympics of 2018. Two weeks of worldwide sports competition always seems to bring nations together peacefully. PyeongChang 2018 promises a “harmonious celebration of snow, ice, and people”.

The grand opening ceremony will kick off the Olympics February 9, where 90 countries will join together in the parade of nations. PyeongChang’s goals are to promote tourism in Korea and to use good translation and interpretation technologies.  

The Winter Olympics offer sports in 3 different categories- snow sports, ice sports, and sliding sports. The most watched Olympic sports are snowboarding, figure skating, and freestyle skiing. The schedule of the games can be found on the PyeongChang website.

The games also feature two mascots, a white tiger named Soohorang and a bear named Bandabi.

PyeongChang, located in northeastern South Korea, is not too far at all from North Korea, one of the United States’ greatest concerns right now.

Ticket sales have only hit around 51% of their goals, while the Sochi 2014 Olympics hit 70% of ticket goals. The decrease in sales may have to do with the games’ location.

Medal predictions for this year have put Germany at the top, followed by Norway and the US. Russia, banned from the games as a team for doping at the past few Olympic games, can only sending “clean athletes” who prove themselves innocent under a neutral flag known as “Olympic Athlete of Russia” (OAR). The president of the International Olympic Committee, or IOC, says “This was an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the Olympic Games and sport.” Russia dropped to fourth place in the Sochi Olympics after 11 of their medals were taken away.

Along with Russia being banned, North Korea is planning on bringing some athletes to the games as well. South Korea and North Korea had a meeting this week for the first time in years, discussing that North Korea would send athletes and they wouldn’t want to use their nuclear weapons on their neighbor. North Korea is sending athletes, officials, and a cheering squad. South and North Korea will be combining a hockey team as well.

As there are several concerns for the games, hopefully everything will peacefully come together in PyeongChang where “heaven meets earth”.