Winter break vacations


Lily Bakulski, Reporter

As first semester was coming to an end, students were stressing, trying to get their grades up to passing, so they could spend winter break ungrounded. One thing that kept them sane was knowing they’d be leaving to go on vacation once the 3:01 bell rang on December 22. Whether it was laying on a white sandy beach or snowboarding the slopes of Colorado, they were happy to be leaving the boring state of Illinois.

Spending part of Christmas break on a beach was the ideal dream for most. Sailing the Atlantic and exploring the ocean sounded best to Samantha and Bennett Baker (‘20).

“We traveled to Haiti, St. Martin, and Puerto Rico. I loved Puerto Rico the most out of the three because everyone was really inviting and loud and they loved to dance,” said Sam Baker.

Bennett Baker spent his time fishing in Puerto Rico and zip lining the tourist part of St. Martin. Unfortunately, their day in Haiti was ruined due to rain, but that did not stop them from making new friends and spending the day ice skating and swimming with them.

“I was one thousand feet in the air flying over the island in St. Martin. That had to have been my favorite part of the trip. Although Haiti was rainy, we still had a great time swimming and ice skating with our new friends,” said Bennett Baker.

Mexico was a hot spot for winter breakers this year as well. Mac Orozco (‘19) visited Tulum, Mexico where she got her tan on and met a bunch of new people.

“Being in the warm weather made break so much better. The new people I met in Mexico were the coolest people to dance the night away with. I cannot wait to go back and visit again,” said Orozco.

Although break is over and winter is in full swing, students are looking forward to their three month summer break from all the stresses that they go through during school. Vacation is a time to spend with friends and family and to enjoy life whether it’s laying in the sand or watching the white snow fall from the dark sky.