Fire and Fury: new book on Trump administration raises lots of questions


Will Sieracki, Reporter

     The most dysfunctional administration America has had in a long while is back in the news again. Journalist Michael Wolff has released a new book, titled Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Wolff spent one year serving as a “fly on the wall” inside the White House, taping conversations and interviewing people close to Trump, like former chief strategist Steve Bannon and Trump’s son Donald Jr. According to Wolff, Donald Trump didn’t want to win the election. He ran for President, and he was almost certain that he would lose. Trump’s real motive for running was to have his name out in the news, hoping that enough exposure from his presidential run would jumpstart a career in far-right media circles. But when Trump found out that he won, he “looked like he had just seen a ghost,” according to Donald Jr.


      Aside from the political parts of the book, most of its content tries to confirm that Donald Trump is a complete idiot. He has an extreme paranoia about being poisoned, telling housekeeping to not touch his toothbrush and having his security team get McDonald’s for him. The novel paints a picture of an incompetent president, a picture that many people have been trying to create for just over a year now.

     Fire and Fury is a tell-all about the most controversial White House in recent memory, and it’s certainly a damning one. Steve Bannon causing his own drama and then adding fuel to the narrative that Donald Trump really had no interest in actually winning the presidency, it brings countless pieces of information to light.  Without a doubt, Fire and Fury will be the most popular book of 2018.