A Year In Review

A Year In Review

Emily Wendlandt, Reporter


     As another year fades to the past, another one starts; giving us a chance to reflect on what’s now old and watch the sunrise over this new beginning. With every day comes a new lesson, something you can take with you and carry for the rest of your life. As I look back on this past year and what its given me, I feel like I’m finally ready to open up to the world, and let in everything it has to offer. Here’s five lessons from 2017 that I’ll carry with me in the new year.

  1. Days are only as good as you make them.

     It’s really easy to have a bad day. I use to take everyday with the same mindset, that  however Im feeling is out of my control and bad days are the faults of people or events around me, not myself. The more bad days I had the more I realized that most of them are because of me. Waking up everyday with a pessimistic view makes it difficult to change. The truth is that you do have the power to set the course for your day. Positivity or even just having good expectations on how the day will go might be what sets your attitude. There will always be bad days, bad moments where you’d rather close off than be optimistic, but its only for a day, and tomorrow can be better if you allow it to.

  1.  Live a little or alot

    This year for me has been the year for new experiences and new outlooks. Speeding down roads going to places I’ve never been before both literally and figuratively. We’re young, this is the time to chase the wind. Try new things, meet new people, go out and enjoy every minute of a good time. Open your eyes to how much you can experience if you just let go.

  1. Appreciate every detail

     In 2017 I continuously would catch myself taking in just how beautiful the world can be. Laying the the grass under a summer sky, watching clouds pass, listening to the birds chirp in the early morning, or standing in awe down a city street on a busy night. I’ve noticed that people are always coming and going too fast to stop. I started making it an incentive for me to stop and look around every once in a while, and that’s made all the difference.

  1. Let yourself fall

     This one may not relate to everyone or anyone for that matter but it’s on my list. Letting myself fall: Fall in love, fall in happiness, fall into contentedness. I am lucky enough to have someone to hold my hand, someone to explore the world with. Jumping into this idea, putting your heart in the hands of someone who could break it was the biggest fear of mine, and I hesitated to ever fall in love in this way. But he holds my heart with care, and I hold his the same and we are walking into this new year together. I have never been more happy or content in knowing.


  1. Don’t neglect passions

     No matter what your passion is or what drives you, always set time apart to explore those passions. Photography, writing and music have always been my biggest ambitions, but over the course of the past year I lost the time and motivation to keep up with them. Recently, I’ve been trying to find new ways to put those passions back into my everyday life, and its helped me rediscover pieces of me that i’ve forgotten about.


     A year reflection helps you notice the growth. Taking the time to remember the moments that shaped you and recognize the impact they’ve had sets the standards for the year to come and what it might bring. If you take the time to reflect on your year and what its brought you, you might discover a new sense of self. I hope your 2018 brings new colors, new experiences and new memorable moments. Happy New Year!