Making History

Mariana Cardoso, Reporter

     On Friday, January 12, the Varsity and JV dance teams traveled to Boylan Catholic High School to compete in NIC-10. Varsity took home 4th place finish. The highest finish in North History. JV placed 2nd out of 3. The overall winner at conference was Freeport.

     Since the start of the season Varsity sat down and wrote down what their goals were as a team. Number one on that list was to place in the top three at Conference. Since the day they developed their goals, the girls had been hard at work for each and every competition but especially NIC-10.

     “We keep trying to better the routine. Adding more technique, really drilling those movements and practicing our turns. We wanted a good outcome at NIC-10,” said Emily Muñoz (‘19).

     A good outcome they got, placing fourth at Conference. Beating six other high schools. Last year, Varsity took home fifth, only a good sign we can be expecting great things from dance teams. Even with slight in-convinces and last minute changes the girls we’re available to bring home a win.

     “Only a group of close girls can pull off what we had to do today. I’m blessed to have the team that I got to end my high school dancing career. WE MADE HISTORY!“ said Nicole Bratton (‘18).

     JV also did great at conference placing second out of three. They perform “why” a lyrical and emotional routine rather than their Lego routine.

     “It was a nice break to be able to perform something other than our Lego routine. It was nice not placing last and actually doing recently. Leading up to competitions we’re stressful but now we had basketball game halftimes to look forward to, ” said Yesenia Vizguerra (‘20).

     With the competition season almost over, both teams will be taking time to focus on their halftime routines for basketball games. Varsity only has sectionals left this Saturday at Sycamore. Good Luck ladies!