The Arctic Monkeys return


The Arctic Monkeys’ first tour stop is in Dover, Delaware.

Cassiana Pozzi, Editor in Chief

Back in 2013, it was common among internet/social media users to come across a band by the name of Arctic Monkeys. They had an alternative 70’s vibe that appealed to fangirls that expresses the same opinion of being “born in the wrong era”. Just released a few days ago was a confirmation that the band, led by Alex Turner, will be releasing a new album this year. And on top of that, they will be headlining Firefly, a music festival based in Delaware, their first live performance in four years. After the Arctic Monkeys’ headline sets at Reading & Leeds Festivals in August 2014, Turner had said it “seems like the perfect place to leave things for a while.”

Songs such as “R U Mine?” and “Do I Wanna Know?” are two of the bands top hits that have yet to be removed from the alternative charts. Even their recent album, “AM” was the best selling vinyl of the decade. 11 albums in total have been released by the band so now fans are anxious to see what new tracks might be playing on our radio stations later this year.

On social media pages, multiple pictures surfaced of the band reuniting around Christmas time. Drummer, Matt Helders, had even shared a photo of hit drum set surrounded by microphones. And then another picture of Turner in front f the piano was also noted by fans later that week. The group had actually gone their separate ways for the past two years but after experiencing some new crowds and music types, we may be getting a fresher vibe that has been long overdue. On top of some new sounds, we may hear some new additions on this album as well. Miles Kane, a close friend of Turner may assist the band with vocals while Alexandra Savior will stay behind the scenes to write the unique lyrics for the bands. And the legendary performer Iggy Pop isn’t out of the question either apparently.

There’s no date for release yet but one will surface soon. The only confirmed date is the Band’s first stop on their tour in Delaware headlining a festival with Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.