“Bright” Netlfix’s original film

Bright Netlfixs original film

Camille Spencer, Reporter

Everyone knows that Netflix isn’t the greatest at putting out new content, but they do very well in creating original films. One of the latest ones is called “Bright.” It stars Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace and Lucy Fry.

The movie was released onto Netflix officially on December 22, 2017, but the previews and trailers were released about a month before. The storyline is set in Los Angeles, except it’s nothing like the normal world. In this film, fantasy creatures live side by side with humans. Most of the population is separated between humans and Orcs, but there are a few other creatures in the mix. The world was a decent place at the time, until a special weapon comes out and everyone wants to get their hands on it. Together a human cop and an Orc have to work to retrieve the weapon so it is out of society’s hands.

Viewers have rated this movie six and half out of ten stars. The movie was written by Max Landis, and said his whole idea of the movie was for people to have a better understanding of other races through a fantasy genre. Some critic reviews of this movie are,

““Bright” is the best Netflix original movie to date, and it absolutely deserves to be seen on the big screen, though don’t let that stop you from watching it home.” -Peter Debruge

“You’ll find beatings, shootouts, car crashes, awkward analogies and a measure of buddy badinage in “Bright,” but true enchantment is in short supply.”-New York Times.

Lily Bakulski (20’) said

“ I absolutely loved the movie!”

“Bright” is a movie that is great for people of all ages and especially good for a Netflix original film.