Theater Festival 2018

Theater Festival 2018

Emily Wendlandt, Reporter

The annual Theaterfest event kicked off Thursday, January 11th. Students and Theater enthusiasts gathered at UIC for a weekend filled with musicals, plays, workshops, and college booths. The three-day Festival takes place every year in early January, and switches locations between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Illinois State University. Over 4,000 students, teachers, university representatives, exhibitors, and volunteers come together to put on over 25 different high school productions and over 150 workshops.

     Each year during the fall season Theaterfest executives visit high schools from all over the state of Illinois to watch their fall productions. After visiting each high school, the executives choose a handful of productions to be showcased at Theaterfest the next year. Both Belvidere North and Belvidere High School were chosen to bring their show to theaterfest this year.

     “Theaterfest has been the best time of my high school career. Seeing everyone come together and share their love for theater is the most beautiful thing. I will never forget my experiences and the love I felt during those weekends spent at Theaterfest,” said Mckenna Mosher (18’).

     Theaterfest not only showcases some of the best high school plays and musicals of this year, they also offer some of the most those extensive and intensive workshops for acting, singing, improv, dance and basically everything else in regards to the the arts. Colleges from all over the state join in the fun, and college booths are set up each day of the event to talk about what their school offers, what their majors are and to learn more about the college experience. Theaterfest also has social nightlife gatherings. Midnight bowling, life size board games and even a grand dance for students were just a glimpse of the fun.

     Whether you’re a thespian or just a theater enthusiast, Theaterfest fulfills each student’s need and desire to create; to create art in any aspect. Whether it’s through music, plays, art or dance, Theaterfest is a safe zone for students with those passions while also allowing you to meet, support and grow with students from all over the state who have the same passions as you do.